Hello there – my name is Patrick and it has always given me great pleasure to try new things. And what would be better suited than the topic of coffee? As different as the cultures of this world are, so are the coffee creations in the individual regions.

And no matter where I end up, I will always try a typical local coffee. No matter if Greek or Turkish coffee, an Irish Coffee or a Vietnamese Egg Coffee that just sounds crazy to us Europeans.

And I will definitely try the current trends like Cold-Brew, Bulletproof, Nitro Coffee, Coffee Smoothie or Coffee Lemonade.

Paddy - Coffee Tasters

At home I test different coffee beans and ways of coffee preparation for many years. In the process, I went from being a coffee philistine who was satisfied with cheap beans from the supermarket to a connoisseur who prefers to drink a very good cup of coffee instead of three mediocre ones.

But I’m not alone – there are seven of us Coffee-Tasters. However, my fellow campaigners prefer to stay behind the camera and don’t really like to show themselves in public. Therefore you will find only my face on our website and in the videos.

How do we proceed?

Most importantly, we act as an anonymous customer and have paid ourselves for all the devices tested. This way we make sure to be treated like a “normal” customer and also receive an ordinary device.

We always decide ourselves which devices we test. For each product category, we first select five of the currently most popular manufacturers / brands and buy one model from each of them. If new manufacturers enter the market or improved models of already known brands appear and arouse our interest, these are subsequently tested.

Kaffeemaschinen mit Mahlwerk Test - Coffee Tasters

During our tests, we note down as many facts and objective impressions as possible, e.g. how much coffee powder a machine with a grinder uses per 100 ml of water, how long the machine brews or how finely the coffee powder is ground. This makes the machines comparable and we can explain why a coffee tastes “good and aromatic” or rather “watery”.

And most importantly, we are open about what we don’t like. Whether it’s the jammed lid of the water tank, unclear labeling of the buttons, or the somewhat coarse grinder setting of the coffee powder. If it stands out negatively, it will be mentioned.

Patrick mit allen Kaffeebereitern - Coffee Tasters

Why are we doing all of this?

If you test your way through various coffee machines, coffee makers, grinders and beans, you’ll notice a few things. Especially the often exaggerated advertising and promotion of devices. A simple piece of plastic quickly becomes an “aroma nozzle”. A standard brewing time becomes an “aroma function” because the machine simply brews much too short without activating this function. We often end up overwhelmed by all the information.

And when we have decided on a device, we notice that it is not always well thought out for everyday use. A poorly placed water tank, awkward cleaning or unclear labels make operation difficult.

Unfortunately, however, there are usually only a few meaningful reviews to be found in advance. Usually, a short rating in the form of “great device” or “absolute junk” is given after only one use, which hardly helps anyone. But no one wants to buy something without first being able to assess whether the investment will pay off.

What is our goal?

We would like to close exactly this gap and offer you transparent, objective ideas about various products. We look behind all the brand promises and test whether the devices really fulfill their intended function well.

To this end, we define clear criteria and check the extent to which the individual models meet them. You can read our results in detailed reports or watch them in videos.

Our goal is to avoid bad purchases and to give no chance to badly designed devices. We want to make it possible for you to know before you actually buy whether you will be happy with the device you are looking for or if you should rather look around further.

How do we finance our project?

In principle, we first make an advance payment for each individual product. We order and pay like a regular customer. Then we review the products and post our reports and videos online.

In these reports, we also include affiliate links to various stores where these products are available. If you decide to place an order, we may receive a commission based on the sale price minus tax. Our links do not affect the price you have to pay. Whether you click on our link or go directly to the online store, the price is always the same at that moment.

Our website and all videos are completely free of charge and will remain so.

When you choose a product and decide to order it after following one of our links that are marked with an asterisk *, you are allowing us to finance future test objects and reward us for our work. If you decide to go this way – thank you! =)

If you decide otherwise, that’s okay too, of course. But maybe you can leave a comment on an article and share your experiences, tips & tricks with other readers.

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