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DeLonghi Eletta Explore review – hot & cold milk foam

DeLonghi Eletta Explore

Rating: 96 % (excellent)

Espresso:96 %
Coffee:96 %
Cappuccino:98 %
Latte Macchiato:96 %
Handling:94 %
Settings:92 %
Quality:90 %
Cleaning:94 %

Data sheet

Brand:DeLonghi bean to cup coffee machine
Model:Eletta Explore ECAM 452.57.G
Milk system:fully automatic
Hot drinks: espresso, double espresso, coffee, long, americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, cappuccino mix, caffelatte, espresso macchiato, doppio+, cappuccino+, cortado, milk foam, pot of coffee
Cold drinks: coffee, americano, cappuccino, cappuccino mix, latte macchiato, caffeelatte
Brewing unit:removable
Grinder:conical burr grinder steel
Grinder setting levels:7 levels
Coffee strength:5 levels
beverage quantity:4 levels & free programming
double cup option:for espresso
Bean compartment:300 g
Milk container:500 ml (black) 375 ml (white)
Water tank:1,8 l
Coffee spout:8 to 14 cm
Dimensions (HxWxD):
39x26x45 cm
Coffee powder compartment:yes

Conclusion on the DeLonghi Eletta Explore

Cold milk foam drinks & intense flavors

With the DeLonghi Eletta Explore, you can prepare 21 drinks at the touch of a button. In addition to classic hot drinks (espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, etc.), you also have 7 cold drinks to choose from. For Iced Cappuccino, for example, the bean to cup coffee machine even prepares cold milk foam . A real innovation and welcome change in the summer!

We were particularly impressed by the aromatic espresso and the very fine-pored milk foam . The consistency of the milk foam can even be adjusted in 3 levels – for both cold and hot drinks.

The Eletta Explore scores with its simple handling and is easy to clean. The bean to cup coffee machine can be operated intuitively using the modern touch display . You can save your individual settings in up to 4 profiles.

This makes the Eletta Explore ideal for families and explorers who want to try out many hot and cold beverages and experiment with taste. Incidentally, Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organisation) is also convinced and named the Eletta the test winner (issue 11/2022). In our bean to cup coffee machine test the Eletta Explore belongs to the top 3.


has reviewed 22 bean to cup coffee machines


  • very fine-pored milk foam (hot & cold)
  • aromatic, full-bodied espresso
  • incl. 7 cold drinks (e.g. Iced Cappuccino)
  • Milk foam consistency in 3 levels
  • Pot function for coffee
  • 4 profiles for individual settings
  • Stiftung Warentest test winner (11/2022 issue)
  • well thought out cleaning


  • Double cup for espresso only
  • App control only against surcharge

Video of the DeLonghi Eletta Explore


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Summary of the test results

How good are the drinks from the Eletta Explore?

The espresso is really intense and full-bodied taste. The hazelnut flavors of our beans come through clearly. The crema is fine and shiny brown. One of the best espressos from the bean to cup coffee machine we have had so far. The espresso is definitely a core competence of DeLonghi.

For coffee drinkers, there are three variants to choose from. We were most convinced by the Long and the Americano. Both are aromatic, intense and have few bitter substances.

In cappuccino, the slight sweetness of the milk and the strong espresso flavors create a full-bodied taste.

The milk foam is creamy and extremely fine-pored. The bean to cup coffee machine prepares real micro-foam for you. This is foam that is so fine that you can hardly see the individual bubbles. This applies to both hot and cold milk foam.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore drinks in test

Especially in the hot summer, the cold drinks are a refreshing change. The cold milk foam is a bit more liquid but still very creamy . We particularly liked the Iced Cappuccino .

All hot drinks were in the optimal temperature range. We measured 71°C for the cappuccino, while the espressowas measured as 67°C . The cold cappuccino was a real refreshment at only 5°C.

Overall, all beverages were very good in taste with the DeLonghi Eletta Explorer. You can get the best impression of the drinks in our video.

How easy is it to use?

The Eletta Explore is supplied with two milk containers. One white for cold drinks (375 ml) and one black for hot drinks (500 ml).

Surely you are now asking yourself why a single milk container is not enough. This is because the milk system is integrated into the lid of the milk container and cold milk foam is simply prepared differently. Also, for cold drinks you should use only skim milk (< 0.5% fat), while for hot milk foam a higher fat content is better (about 3.5%).

Click both milk containers into place at the front left of the machine. On the right side is the water tank (1.8 liters), which you can simply pull out to the front . The bean compartment (300 g) is easy to reach from the top. With a width of 26 cm, the bean to cup coffee machine is very compact and will fit in any kitchen.

You can adjust the coffee and milk spout separately. Both can be adjusted in height from 8 to 14 cm. Even large glasses fit under the spouts without any problems.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore handling in the test

With only 40 seconds to heat up, the Eletta Explore is quickly ready for operation and the drinks are also prepared quite fast. For the cold drinks, however, you must remember to prepare ice cubes.

The touch display is modern with large beverage icons. It can be operated intuitively and the menu navigation is structured in a comprehensible way. We also like the slightly slanted display. This makes it very easy to read even from above.

Overall, the DeLonghi Eletta Explore convinces with easy handling and many things seem very well thought-out.

What can be set on the Eletta Explore?

You can adjust the coffee strength (aroma) in 5 levels using the touch display. You can even choose from 13 levels for the grinder setting. You will find the regulator in the bean compartment. Alternatively, you can use the compartment for ground coffee.

For beverage quantity, you have 4 levels – from small to large cups. For cappuccino and the like, you can only adjust the total beverage quantity. The ratio of espresso to milk always remains true to the original recipe.

With the My function, you can additionaly save an individual beverage quantity measured by eye. This can also be used to adjust the espresso-milk ratio. Ideal if you want your cappuccino to be milder or more intense. We are going to explain the My function in detail in the Settings section.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore settings in test

Since taste is individual, you can save your preferred settings in one of 4 profiles.

On both milk containers, you’ll also find a dial for the consistency of the milk foam. Here you can set how “lush” you want the milk foam to be. A real special feature compared to other bean to cup coffee machines in the test. This works really well even with cold milk foam.

For hot beverages, you also use it to set the temperature of the milk foam. The more the milk is frothed, the hotter it becomes. You can set the brewing temperature of the coffee in 3 levels via the display.

The Eletta Explore gets some points deducted for the double cup option. DeLonghi only offers this for espresso.

On the other hand, there is a to-go cup function and the option to prepare a whole pot of coffee at once. For a pot of coffee, the bean to cup coffee machine grinds and brews up to 6 times in a row.

As you can see, the Eletta Explore scores with many settings. Perfect for all explorers who want to discover different flavors 😉

How good is the quality?

The housing of the Eletta Explore ECAM 452.57.G is made of plastic and is complemented by a stainless steel drip grid. This is protected from scratches by a barely visible plastic insert.

All individual parts are excellently manufactured and close exactly with the case. Both milk containers are robust and easy to plug into the bean to cup coffee machine.

The bean compartment is airtight and darkened. You can easily adjust the height of the sturdy coffee spouts.

We really liked the display and the operation via touch. Everything worked flawlessly and the display even responds when your fingers are a little wet.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore quality in test

By the way, a conical burr grinder made of hardened steel is built in. During the grinding process, we measured an average of approx. 66 dB. This makes the Eletta Explore one of the most silent DeLonghi bean to cup coffee machines. We even measured a pleasant 63 dB for the milk system.

A major advantage is the availability of inexpensive spare parts. If something should break after a few years, you can, for example, reorder a brewing unit individually.

All in all, the quality and workmanship are definitely very good. Overall, not much is missing for the top score in our test, just a little bit of stainless steel. If you register this model (ECAM 452.57.G) on the DeLonghi website, you’ll even get a 3-year warranty.

How easy is it to clean the machine?

After you have prepared milk foam drinks, the bean to cup coffee machine will remind you to rinse the milk system. To do this, set the control on the milk container to “Clean“. Now the milk spout is automatically rinsed with hot water. You can store the milk containers in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. After that, you should disassemble their 6 or 7 individual parts and put them in the dishwasher.

The containers for coffee grounds and water are relatively large. You need to empty them only after 14 drinks. Once a week you should also rinse them or put them in the dishwasher.

The brewing unit is very compact and therefore easy to keep clean. You can remove them via the service flap and rinse them once a week.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore cleaning in test

Overall, cleaning the Eletta Explore is simple and takes about 20 minutes per week . In addition, you should descale the device every 1-3 months – depending on the water hardness and number of drinks. If you use a water filter,the period is extended to 3-6 months.

How to clean the Eletta Explore step-by-step, you will learn in the Cleaning section and our detailed video on the entire cleaning process. We also give you tips on the right care products.

What drinks can the DeLonghi Eletta Explore prepare?

Hot drinks:

  • Espresso
  • Doppio+
  • Coffee
  • Long
  • Americano
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Flat White
  • Cappuccino mix
  • Caffelatte
  • Espresso Macchiato
  • Cappuccino+
  • Cortado
  • (Hot milk)
  • (Pot of coffee)

Cold drinks:

  • Coffee
  • Americano
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Flat White
  • Cappuccino mix
  • Caffelatte


Can the Eletta Explore Cold Brew?

The new models of the Eletta Explore have a Cold Brew function. The coffee is extracted cold under low pressure. You can get more details in the section Models.

What does Stiftung Warentest say about the Eletta Explore?

It scored grade 1.7 (good) in Stiftung Warentest tests and was the test winner out of a total of 11 bean to cup coffee machines (11/2022 issue). The variable settings, the grinder and the fine, firm milk foam were praised. The easy cleaning was also convincing, as many parts can be put in the dishwasher . There was only criticism for the long decalcification of just under an hour.

Does the Eletta Explore have an app control?

Some models can also be controlled via WLAN using an app. There you can customize the drinks according to your wishes and even create your own recipes. You can get more details in the section Models.

What milk for the Eletta Explore ?

The most suitable is milk with a fat content of 3.5%. For cold milk foam, use skim milk (< 0.5% fat).

Different models of the DeLonghi Eletta Explore

There are now many versions of the Eletta Explore that cause confusion. Basically, all devices are identical in construction and differ only in some functions. The new models have a cold brew function. In this process, the coffee is extracted cold under low pressure. With older models, you only get hot coffee that is cooled down with ice cubes for cold drinks (our test device). We ourselves have not yet tried the model with cold brew function. However, our community praises it very highly. By the way, all models prepare cold milk foam in the same way.

Delonghi Eletta Explore

Eletta Explore Perfetto ECAM 452.57.G

  • Cold milk foam drinks
  • No Cold Brew
  • incl. Coffee pot
  • Without app control

Delonghi Eletta Explore Cold Brew

Eletta Explore Cold Brew ECAM 452.67.G

  • Cold milk foam drinks
  • Cold Brew (cold coffee)
  • incl. Coffee pot
  • with app control

De'Longhi bean to cup coffee machine Eletta Explore ECAM 450.55 G, gray, incl. care set worth

Eletta Explore ECAM 450.55.G

  • Cold milk foam drinks
  • No Cold Brew
  • Without coffee pot
  • Without app control

Prices (CET) Product prices and availability are as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. The price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase apply to the purchase of this product.

Some models can additionally be controlled via app. In the app, you can customize your drinks and create your own recipes. Basically, you can also make the same settings on the display. Using the app, the settings are even more precise and tips and recipe suggestions are displayed.

Another difference prepares for the scope of delivery. All models have a to-go mug and a jug function (to prepare a whole pot of coffee ). Some models already include a coffee pot and/or to-go mug. But of course you can also use your own.

Any questions?

Then take a look at our detailed review. Use the table of contents if you are interested in something specific. If you still have a question, please feel free to leave us a comment .


Individual parts of the DeLonghi Eletta Explore

Milk system

The Eletta Explore comes with two milk containers: A black one for all hot drinks and a white one for all cold drinks.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore milk container

black: hot milk foam, white: cold milk foam

In the case of DeLonghi, the milk system is integrated in the lid of the milk container. You can simply disassemble it and put it in the dishwasher. The black milk container (hot drinks) holds up to 500 ml of milk, enough for 4 to 6 drinks. You can adjust the consistency of the milk foam via a control knob – for little to a lot of foam. So you have yourself in hand how high your foam crown becomes 😉 Another advantage that other bean to cup coffee machines do not offer.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore milk container_1

black milk container (hot drinks) holds 500 ml (4-6 drinks)

DeLonghi Eletta Explore milk system

the milk system is integrated in the lid of the milk container

After preparation, you can simply store the milk container in the refrigerator. After 2 days at the latest you should
clean it

The white milk container (cold milk foam) is a bit smaller – 375 ml fits in here, which is enough for 3 to 5 drinks. According to the instructions, you should use only skim milk (< 0.5% fat) or vegetable milk. The low fat content makes them easier to froth when cold. Otherwise, the white milk container is relatively similar to the black one. Here you can also adjust the milk foam consistency. Both milk containers can be clicked into place on the bean to cup coffee machine in one easy step.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore milk container_3

white milk container (cold milk foam) holds 375 ml (3-5 drinks)

DeLonghi Eletta Explore milk container

a handle to click into place

Bean compartment

The bean compartment is located on top of the bean to cup coffee machine. To protect the aroma of your coffee beans, the lid is darkened and has a circumferential rubber seal. A good 300 g of coffee beans fit in the compartment, which is enough for about 30 drinks – perfectly sufficient for private use. Thanks to the large opening, the coffee beans are easy to fill. The bean compartment also contains the grinder setting control – which we will refer to in the
in more detail.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore bean hopper

300 g bean tray

DeLonghi Eletta Explore bean hopper

darkened lid with rubber seal


Water tank

You can pull out the water tank to the front and fill it up directly at the bean to cup coffee machine – ideal under wall cabinets. It fits up to 1.8 liters , which is enough for about 12-15 drinks . This is also perfectly adequate, since the water should always be as fresh as possible. If you want, you can also remove the tank completely and fill it up under the tap.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore water tank_1

Pull out the water tank to the front

DeLonghi Eletta Explore water tank_2

fill up under the tap

Coffee and milk spout

The coffee and milk spout can be adjusted in height from 8 to 14 cm. If you put both all the way to the top, you can fit glasses up to 13 inches high underneath. This means that even large latte macchiato glasses are no problem. In addition, you can open a flap on the cup tray to place to-go cups up to 16 cm high underneath. For small cappuccino cups, you can extend the milk spout so that nothing splashes.

Since the Eletta Explore (like all DeLonghi bean to cup coffee machines) has only one milk spout, drinks can only be prepared one after the other. Unfortunately, there is also no double cup option for coffee, long and Americano. For this purpose, the bean to cup coffee machine has a
coffee pot function for coffee

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Outlets

Coffee and milk spout are adjustable in height 7-14 cm

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Outlets

flap in cup tray fits up to 16 cm high to-go cups


After switching on, the bean to cup coffee machine takes 40 seconds to heat up. Meanwhile, the pipes are also flushed with water. You operate the Eletta Explore via a modern touch display. The screen in the middle will show you all the drinks. You can display all cold drinks via “Cold” and all warm drinks via “Hot” .

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Display

large modern touch display

You also have the option to customize the drinks to your ToGo cup (“To Go” – far left) or save each drink as a favorite (“Favorites” – far right).

The menu navigation is intuitive and easy to understand. Error messages are always displayed directly (e.g. water tank empty). The display is slightly slanted so that you can also read it well from above. It responds reliably and is also razor-sharp. If you want to prepare a drink, you just have to tap on it. Via the “plus sign” you canmake some settings, e.g. adjust aroma and beverage quantity. What you can set, we explain in detail under

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Cold drinks

cold drinks

Drinks preparation

With the DeLonghi Eletta Explorer, you can prepare a total of 21 different drinks . As part of our test, we always prepare the classics espresso, coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato. Since the Eletta Explore can also prepare cold drinks, we will also show you the Iced Coffee and Iced Cappuccino Mix this time.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore in test drinks

Drinks selection:

  • Hot coffee drinks: espresso, double espresso, coffee, long, americano, doppio+.
  • Hot milk foam drinks: Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Flat White, Cappuccino Mix, Caffelatte, Espresso Macchiato, Cortado, Cappuccino+.
  • Cold coffee drinks: Coffee Over Ice, Iced Americano
  • Cold milk foam drinks: Iced Latte Macchiato, Iced Flat White, Iced Cappuccino, Iced Cappuccino Mix, Iced Caffelatte
  • Other: hot milk, pot of coffee, tea function, hot water


For all beverages, you have 4 quantity levels (S,M,L,XL) and 5 aroma levels to choose from – from mild to very strong espresso. We recommend that you set the beverage quantity to level S (equivalent to 30 ml) and the aroma to level 5. Then you will get an intense espresso.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore display settings

Our espresso was ready after 40 seconds. As you can see in the picture, the crema is nice and dense and hazelnut brown. This is exactly how a good espresso should look! Taste-wise, the flavors come through very well. Compared to other
bean to cup coffee machines in our test, the Eletta Explore
the Eletta Explore is definitely right up there with them. The espresso had the desired temperature of 67 °C. Those who like it hotter can set the brewing temperature higher in the menu. How this works is explained in the

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Espresso in the test

Espresso with hazelnut brown crema

Optimal setting:

  • Drinks quantity: S (equivalent to 30 ml)
  • Aroma: 5
  • Grinder setting: as fine as possible, e.g. level 3
  • Temperature: high


Of course, the classic coffee should not be missing in our test. But this is always a bit of a challenge with bean to cup coffee machines: The more water is pressed through a coffee puck, the more bitter substances are dissolved. For the best taste, we therefore recommend that you prepare a maximum of 100 ml per coffee puck.

We have reprogrammed the reprogrammed the beverage quantity and prepared two cups one after the other (2x100ml). It is even easier if you select the long. At long, the bean to cup coffee machine automatically performs a second grind and produces a second coffee puck for your drink. This makes the long more aromatic and less bitter than the normal coffee.DeLonghi Eletta Explore coffee

The long is also prepared using the so-called “surge brewingmethod. In this process, the water is not pressed through the coffee puck constantly, but in short bursts and at low pressure. This helps to ensure that only a few bitter substances get into your coffee. Due to the second grinding process, the bean to cup coffee machine needs a good 2.5 minutes for a long. But the wait is rewarded with good taste.

Optimal setting:

  • Drinks quantity: 100 ml (programmed) or Long (levels S, M)
  • Aroma: 4 – 5
  • Grinder setting: Level 3.5 to 4
  • Temperature: medium


We were really impressed by the cappuccino of the DeLonghi Eletta Explore. The milk foam is so fine that we can barely see the individual bubbles. The cappuccino also tastes great and has a velvety mouthfeel. Milk and espresso form a harmonious overall picture. At 71 °C, the cappuccino was also quite hot.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Cappuccino

As with all beverages, you have 4 levels for beverage quantity (S,M,L,XL). Unfortunately, you cannot influence the amount of espresso. Ex works, a rather long 60 ml espresso is prepared on level M. Therefore, for the best taste, we recommend you to program the cappuccino
to program:

Optimal setting:

  • Espresso quantity: 30 – 40 ml
  • Aroma: 5
  • Milk quantity: 100 ml
  • Milk foam consistency: Level 3
  • Grinder setting: as fine as possible, e.g. level 3
  • Temperature: high

Latte Macchiato

The latte macchiato had the optimal temperature of 63 °C in our test. Again, the milk foam was very fine and silky smooth. It is somewhat more fluid and creamy than cappuccino. This is because we set the milk foam consistency to the recommended medium level.DeLonghi Eletta Explore Latte Macchiato

You also have a choice of 4 drink quantity levels for the latte macchiato (S to XL). At the highest levels, even a large latte macchiato glass gets nice and full. Unfortunately, the espresso and amount of milk cannot be adjusted separately in levels here either. Therefore, you get again a too long espresso (bitter substances!). Therefore, we also recommend that you program the latte macchiato as follows:

Optimal setting:

  • Espresso quantity: 40 ml (possibly double espresso)
  • Aroma: 5
  • Milk quantity: 150-200 ml
  • Milk foam consistency: Level 2
  • Grinder setting: as fine as possible, e.g. level 3
  • Temperature: high

Coffee Over Ice

The Coffee Over Ice is, as the name suggests, an iced coffee. For all cold drinks we have a choice of 3 quantity levels (S,M,L). Also, we can set whether we want to use coffee beans or already ground coffee powder. We have a little less leeway than with the hot drinks, because the aroma can not be adjusted. But: the coffee is prepared anyway highly concentrated and stretched by the melted ice cubes.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Coffee over ice

The bean to cup coffee machine will ask you if you want “Ice” or “Extra Ice”, i.e. extra cold. For “Ice” you should put 6 ice cubes in your glass and for “Extra Ice” 8 ice cubes. By the way, the matching silicone ice cube tray is included. The more ice cubes you use, the more diluted your coffee will be. This indirectly controls the intensity of your coffee. In our test, we used 6 ice cubes. As the hot coffee hits the ice cubes, it is immediately cooled down. We measured 18°C. The coffee over ice was convincing in terms of taste. It wasn’t quite as mild as a cold brew – but for the fact that we were able to prepare it so quickly, it turned out really well! It is a real refreshment in the summer. If you like it sweet, you can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Cold drinks with milk foam

As cold milk foam drinks we prepared the Iced Cappuccino Mix and Iced Latte Macchiato. Depending on the amount of beverage, between 6 and 10 ice cubes should be added to the glass. By the way, you can prepare 20 ice cubes with the silicone mold. By the way, the Cappuccino Mix is a cappuccino in the original order. This means that first the espresso is added to the glass and then the cold milk foam. This has the advantage that the hot espresso is immediately cooled by the ice cubes. This brought our finished drink to 5-7°C.

The consistency of cold milk foam is, of course, slightly more fluidthan hot milk foam. But that’s no wonder, because cold milk foam is less stable because the heat to break down the protein molecules is missing. Nevertheless, the foam was very fine-pored and creamy. We really didn’t expect it to work out so well! Make sure you always use milk with less than 0.5% fat in your cold drinks. Otherwise, large bubbles will form.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Iced Cappuccino Mix

Iced Cappuccino Mix

We measured 17 °C for the iced latte macchiato (10 ice cubes). It was thus warmer than the cappuccino mix. Here, the cold milk foam is prepared first, which prevents the hot espresso from hitting the ice cubes directly. The order in which espresso and milk foam are prepared therefore has a great influence on the temperature of your beverage.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Iced Latte Macchiato

Iced Latte Macchiato – milk foam first

At first, we thought the cold drinks were just a nice gimmick. But now we are so excited that we would love to keep the DeLonghi Eletta Explore for the summer. Since we test for you more
bean to cup coffee machines
we have to give them away again with a heavy heart…

Settings of the DeLonghi Eletta Explore

Set coffee strength

For all hot beverages, you can set the aroma (coffee strength) in 5 levels . The higher the level, the more coffee powder the bean to cup coffee machine uses.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore display settings

Aroma in 5 levels

If you want to use ground coffee, tap the coffee spoon icon on the right side. Then place a coffee spoon (included in the delivery) with coffee powder into the shaft at the bean compartment.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore display ground coffee powder

Activate compartment for ground coffee powder

DeLonghi Eletta Explore coffee spoon

pour a spoonful of ground coffee into chute

Adjust grinder

Directly in the bean compartment you will find the control for the grinder setting. The coffee beans are ground coarser on level 7 and finer on level 1. There is one intermediate level each, so you can set the grinder to a total of 13 levels.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore grinder

Grinder with 7 levels

Level 4 is set at the factory. However, we achieved the best results for all espresso drinks with level 3. Then the coffee powder was ground nice and fine and even.

Set beverage quantity

You can adjust the amount of drinks in 4 levels – for small to large cups (XS, S, M and XL).

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Set beverage quantity

Beverage quantity in 4 levels

Unfortunately, there are no specific milliliters on the display or in the instructions. Therefore, we first had to try out at which level the cups became full.

In addition, the coffee-milk ratio cannot be easily adjusted for cappuccino and the like, since only the total beverage quantity can be set. Here you only have the option to program the drinks via the My function.

Level S:Level M:
Espresso:30 ml40 ml
Coffee:150 ml180 ml
Cappuccino:160 ml200 ml

Programming drinks with the My function

To customize the amount of drinks, you can program the drinks via the My function. We’ll show you that now with a latte macchiato. To do this, we select “My” to the right of the beverage quantity and start the preparation as usual.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore My Function_1

Customize drinks quantity via “My

The DeLonghi Eletta Explore now dispenses milk foam until we press “Stop”:

DeLonghi Eletta Explore My Function_2

It then automatically adds the espresso until we press Stop again. This is exactly the amount we can now store:

DeLonghi Eletta Explore My Function_4

Via “My” we can switch back and forth between the programmed amount and the preset levels:

DeLonghi Eletta Explore My Function_3

programmed quantity of milk and espresso

You can also reset and reprogram the programmed quantity via Reset. We recommend that you use a kitchen scale for the My function so that you can program our recommended settings. In this video, you will learn how to best adjust espresso, coffee, cappuccino and more:

Set milk foam consistency

You can set the milk foam consistency using the control on the milk container. On level 1, you will only receive hot milk or cold milk (white milk container). On level 2, you get a medium foam crown – ideal for latte macchiato or flat white. On level 3, you’ll get a nice big frothy milk cap – perfect for cappuccino.

The higher the level, the hotter the milk foam. In this way, you can also indirectly influence the temperature. Before preparation, you will see a recommendation for each drink on the display. Of course, you can decide for yourself which level you want to set.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore milk container_2

Milk foam consistency in 3 levels

Set temperature

In the main menu (gear wheel) you can adjust the temperature for in 3 levels. We have prepared all drinks at medium levels. Don’t set the temperature too high so your espresso doesn’t taste burnt.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Display Set temperature

3 temperature levels

Create profiles

You can save your personal beverage settings in 4 profiles with the DeLonghi Eletta Explorer. This makes sense if each family member likes to drink the cappuccino differently. You can call up the profiles in the display at the top right. To make it easier, each profile has an individual color. This makes it easier for you to see which profile you are in. You can give each profile a name using the cogwheel.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Create Profile

A total of 4 profiles are available for selection

Coffee pot function

The coffee pot feature is really handy to prepare up to 750 ml of coffee at once. At maximum volume, the bean to cup coffee machine performs 6 grinds and brews in just under 5 minutes. In our model, the coffee pot was even included. However, this does not apply to every version of the Eletta Explore.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore pot of coffee

up to 750 ml of coffee at once


To Go Cup

The Eletta Explore has a ToGo cup function so you can take your favorite drinks with you wherever you go. In the display you can set the size of your cup. The bean to cup coffee machine then automatically prepares the appropriate amount. Cups up to 16 cm high fit under the outlets.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore To Go Mug

To Go Mug Size Customize

You can prepare the following drinks via the To-Go function: Americano, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Flat White, Caffeelatte. We missed the normal coffee a bit. You can also simply prepare it in larger quantities via the “Coffee Pot”.

Quality of the Eletta Explore

The design of the Eletta Explore is very modern. Like almost all bean to cup coffee machines, it is mainly made of plastic. Nevertheless, all parts are finished to a high standard. Nothing jams or seems rickety in any way. DeLonghi has learned a thing or two with the stainless steel cup tray. The latter now has a plastic insert to protect it from scratches. Even after prolonged use, it still looks like new to us.

The bean to cup coffee machine has a high quality steel conical burr grinder. Wemeasured an average of 66 decibels during the grinding process. This makes the Eletta Explore somewhat quieter than other
DeLonghi bean to cup coffee machines.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore quality

modern design

DeLonghi Eletta Explore cup tray

Cup tray with plastic insert protects from scratches


Now we’ll give you a brief overview of how easy it is to clean the DeLonghi Eletta Explore. Take a look at our
detailed cleaning video
if you want to have everything explained step by step. In it, we give you useful tips that you won’t find in the manual.

Most important is the cleaning of the milk system, brewing unit and drip trays. If you clean everything according to instructions, it will take you about 20 minutes per week.

Additionally there is a program for
which takes around 50 minutes. Since it is almost fully automatic, the effective effort for you is only 5-10 minutes.

We have selected the original DeLonghi and a cheaper alternative for each of the most important care products. During the warranty we always use the original descaler.

Care products for DeLonghi fully automatic machines:

614TNr0RsAL. AC SL1500 - Coffee Tasters

DeLonghi Descaler

- Coffee Tasters

Universal descaler

61iOW2rUdQL. AC SL1200 - Coffee Tasters

DeLonghi water filter

713n H6ydsL. AC SL1500 - Coffee Tasters

Alternative water filter

61G13jSeuNL. AC SL1500 - Coffee Tasters

Milk system cleaner

Clean milk system

After you have prepared a drink with milk foam, turn the control on the milk container to “Clean”. A note will even appear in the display to remind you.

At the touch of a button, the milk spout is thoroughly flushed with hot water. It is best to place an empty cup underneath to catch the rinse water.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore milk system rinse

Simply turn to “Clean”, then rinsing takes place automatically

You can then store the milk containers in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. After that, you should clean them thoroughly, either by hand or as recommended by the instructions, in the dishwasher.

Before you put a milk container in the dishwasher, you should disassemble it into its 6-7 individual parts. The setup is a little more complex than other bean to cup coffee machines, but not as difficult as it sounds. After 1-2 weeks you will know it by heart.

Alternatively, soak everything in warm water with milk system cleaner for 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly by hand.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore milk container parts

Clean milk container every 2 days in dishwasher or by hand

All in all, cleaning the milk system takes about 10 minutes per week, or a bit longer if you use both containers in parallel.

Cleaning the brewing unit

The brewing unit of the DeLonghi Eletta Explore can be easily removed. To do this, first switch off the bean to cup coffee machine, then remove the water tank and open the service flap behind it. Then press the two red buttons together and pull the brewing unit straight out.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore remove the brewing group

Brewing unit removable via service flap behind water tank

As you can see, only a few coffee residues collect on the brewing unit. In comparison with other
bean to cup coffee machines in the test
the brewing unit here is quite clean. According to the instructions, you should clean them 1x per month, but we recommend you to rinse them 1x per week.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore cleaning the brewing group

Rinse thoroughly 1x per week

It is best to immerse the brewing unit in warm water for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. In our video on how to clean the DeLonghi Eletta Explorer you can find
more tips
how to properly care for the brewing unit and keep it clean.

With practice, cleaning effectively takes only about 2 minutes per week.

Drip tray & coffee grounds container

When the coffee grounds tray or the drip tray is full, a message appears in the display.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Empty drip trays

Note on full drip trays

Then you simply pull the two containers out to the front. The coffee grounds tray is a good size, as it can fit up to 14 coffee pucks . As you can see, the pucks are cleanly pressed and dry.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore coffee pucks pressed

14 coffee pucks fit in the coffee grounds tray

Under the cup grate is the drip tray. This is where the water from the rinsing processes ends up. No coffee residues can be found here. The rinse water and coffee pucks are cleanly separated.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Empty drip tray

Drip tray – NO coffee residues in the rinse water

Empty both containers as soon as the message appears and rinse them thoroughly once a week. If you want, you can also put them in the dishwasher. We would also recommend this, because the plastic grid under the cup grate is a bit awkward to wash off. However, the stainless steel cup grid (large & small) and the coffee grounds tray holder must not be put in the dishwasher.

Cleaning the containers takes a good 5 minutes per week.

Water Filter & Descaling

In order for the bean to cup coffee machine to remind you to descale in time, it is important to set the water hardness. You can easily measure this using the test strip provided.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore water value setting

Adjust water hardness = decalcify in time

The bean to cup coffee machine then uses the lime content of the water to calculate when the next descaling is due. You will then be guided step-by-step through the descaling process via the display.

DeLonghi Eletta Explore Descaling

Step by step guide to descaling

For this you need a 2 liter container, the hot water spout and descaler. If you use a water filter, you will need to descale less often. Of course, the DeLonghi Eletta Explore also works without a filter.

We have brought you both the original and a cheaper alternative of the
descaler and water filter

DeLonghi Eletta Explore water filter descaler

With filter you need to descale less often

With hard water and no filter, you will need to descale every month, with soft water about every 3 months. If you use a water filter you can add another 2-3 months.

Although the decalcification takes almost 50 minutes, the program runs through almost by itself. For you, the effort is 5-10 minutes.

Cleaning video tutorial

In the video we go through the cleaning step by step. You will learn how to:

  • properly cleans and assembles the milk containers
  • properly cleans and maintains the brewing unit
  • the decalcification performed correctly

There are a few extra tips waiting for you that are not in the instructions.


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