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Krups EA895N Evidence One review

Krups EA895N Evidence One bean to cup coffee machine in review

Rating: 86 % (very good)

Espresso:90 %
Coffee:86 %
Cappuccino:94 %
Latte Macchiato:94 %
Handling:90 %
Settings:86 %
Quality:82 %
Cleaning:79 %

Data sheet

Brand:Krups bean to cup coffee machine
Model:EA895N Evidence One
Milk system:fully automatic
Drinks:Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Americano, Caffè Latte, Doppio, Ristretto
Brewing unit:fixed, not removable
Grinder:Stainless steel conical burr grinder
Grinder setting:9 levels
Coffee strength:3 levels
beverage quantity:in ml
double cup option:all drinks except americano
Favorites:yes any drink
Bean compartment:250 g
Milk container:no
Water tank:2,3 l
Coffee spout:7-15 cm
Dimensions (HxWxD):37x25x38
Coffee powder compartment:no

Conclusion on the Krups Evidence One

Precise settings & finest milk foam in the middle class

With the Krups Evidence One you can prepare 8 different drinks. We were absolutely thrilled by the extremely fine and creamy milk foam (best in the mid-range).

The bean to cup coffee machine is very easy to use and thanks to its compact size (footprint 30×25 cm) fits into any kitchen.

The device can be operated intuitively and set precisely via the integrated display . Here, the Krups offers more than other bean to cup coffee machines in this price range. We very much like the fact that the drinks can still be adjusted during preparation. In addition, all beverages can also be prepared in the double cup option.

The quality is good for the price point – with a robust metal brewing unit. However, what you should know beforehand is that this bean to cup coffee machine is a bit louder than average.

The device has various cleaning programs, including for the fixed brewing unit. We were particularly impressed by the program for quick cleaning of the milk system.

We recommend the Krups Evidence One to anyone who wants particularly fine milk foam and very precise settings for as little money as possible.


has reviewed 22 bean to cup coffee machines


  • very fine & creamy milk foam
  • precise settings possible
  • all drinks in double cup option
  • intuitive operation (integrated display)
  • very compact dimensions – ideal for small kitchens
  • Metal brewing unit (very rare)
  • automatic cleaning programs


  • a little louder than other machines
  • Brewing unit permanently installed

Video of the Krups Evidence One


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Summary of the test results

How good are the Evidence One drinks?

With the Krups Evidence One, we were particularly impressed by the very fine, creamy milk foam. It is even so fine that it has a silky shimmer. With no other bean to cup coffee machine in this price range has the milk foam been so fine.

The espresso is flavorful and has a light brown, dense crema. For an intense aroma, it is recommended to set the coffee strength to the highest levels and the grinder relatively fine.

With these settings, the cappuccino and latte macchiato also become really good. Both are creamy in mouthfeel and visually near perfect.

With the right settings, even classic coffee convinces with a light brown crema. A perfect alternative is the Americano. It is particularly aromatic because it is prepared with two coffee pucks. This will result in fewer bitter substances getting into your cup.

Krups Evidence One beverages in test

We are also satisfied with the temperature of the drinks. The coffee was measured as 73°C at medium heat level. The espresso reaches the desired 67°C. The temperature of the milk foam is also just right. The cappuccino was 72°C (target: 67°C) and the latte macchiato was just right at 63°C (target: 63°C).

The drinks are of a high standard in terms of taste. You can best see how fine the milk foam is in our video of the Evidence One. There, we also show you how we adjusted the drinks . You can also read up everything in detail in the Drinks section.

How easy is it to use?

The Krups Evidence One has a fully automatic milk system and prepares all drinks at the touch of a button . To do this, simply dip the stainless steel milk tube into a milk carton. Those who wish can use an external milk container. We really like this flexibility.

The height of the coffee and milk spout can be adjusted from 7-15 cm . Even large glasses fit under the spouts without any problems.

The water tank is located on the back and is therefore not as easy to reach. You should allow at least 50 cm of space (in height) under wall cabinets. In return, the water tank is pretty big with 2.3 liters. The bean compartment (250 g) is located on top of the bean to cup coffee machine and is easy to reach.

Krups EA895N is optimal for small kitchens, because its footprint is just 30×25 cm. The cup tray can even protrude a little at the front, since it’s not important for stability.

Krups Evidence One Handling Collage

You operate the bean to cup coffee machine using a modern touch display . The drinks are represented by colored symbols. In the middle there is a small screen with text that gives you clear instructions. A special feature that is rarely found in this price range. The menu is easy to understand and can be operated intuitively.

After switching on, the Krups Evidence One is ready for use after one minute. It is also averagely fast when preparing drinks.

What settings can I adjust?

You can adjust the coffee strength in 3 levels via the display – we would have liked a few more levels here. For this you have 9 levels to choose from in the grinder setting. There is no compartment for ground coffee.

Unlike other bean to cup coffee machines, the Krups Evidence One does not set the beverage quantity beforehand, but adjusts the coffee and milk foam quantity during preparation.

For the amount of coffee, you have exact milliliters to choose from. For the Americano, you can also adjust the amount of hot water in milliliters. For cappuccino and similar drinks, you can also set the amount of milk foam in seconds. You can also influence the espresso-milk ratio.

You can save your settings as a “favourite” with one click and prepare them exactly the same way again later.

Krups Evidence One settings in test

You can save each drink as a favorite once. You can set the brewing temperature in 3 levels. Consistency and temperature of the milk foam cannot be adjusted. However, that is not common in this price range.

All beverages with milk foam can also be prepared as a double cup option. This is a feature that other bean to cup coffee machines in this price range do not offer.

Overall, the Krups Evidence One offers you a lot of options to customize all drinks to your taste. We were really thrilled with how easy it was to adjust the amount of coffee and milk foam during preparation. How well this works you can best see in our video.

How good is the quality?

The Krups EA895N Evidence One has a metal brewing unit and a conical burr grinder made of hardened steel. This means that more metal is used than in most other bean to cup coffee machines.

You can buyspare parts for Krups bean to cup coffee machines at a reasonable price. You’ll also find authorized repair services on the website if, for example, the fixed brewing unit needs to be replaced.

Otherwise, the case is completely made of a matte plastic. This one looks surprisingly classy. All individual parts close exactly with each other.

The coffee spouts can be easily adjusted in height. In the bean compartment, a darkened, airtight lid ensures that the flavor of the beans is well preserved.

Krups Evidence One quality in test

Overall, everything makes a good impression and looks robust. Only in the front of the drip tray is a small plastic insert that sometimes jams a bit.

With approx. 73 dB , the grinder is a little louder than other Bean to cup coffee machines in our test. In return, it grinds very finely and evenly. The milk system is relatively silent compared to other models. We measured an average of 64 dB.

All in all, the Krups Evidence One offers good quality for its price.

How easy is it to clean the Dinamica Plus?

The bean to cup coffee machine reminds you to perform a quick rinse of the milk system after each draw. A thorough cleaning with a special milk system cleaner is due every two weeks. It takes about 5 minutes. You can also remove the milk adapter and rinse it by hand. You can find even more details in the Cleaning section.

The drip tray can be pulled out to the front. The container for the coffee pucks is located on the left side of the bean to cup coffee machine. Both are not particularly large but perfectly adequate. As soon as they are full, a note appears in the display. Unfortunately, both parts are not allowed in the dishwasher. However, they can be easily cleaned by hand.

Since the brewing unit is fixed, there is an automatic program for cleaning. It takes 13 minutes and you need a special Krups cleaning tablet. Unfortunately, we cannot judge how clean the brewing unit will be. That’s why we always like it better when the unit can be removed and cleaned by hand, such as with the DeLonghi Magnifica Evo.

Krups Evidence One Collage cleaning in test

There is also a program for descaling, which only takes around 20 minutes. If you always use a water filter, you will rarely need to descale the Krups EA895N. Without a filter, you will need to descale every 1-2 months, depending on the water hardness.

You will be reminded of all programs automatically. You are always guided through the program with clear instructions on the display and have comparatively little effort. All in all, you need to plan around 15 minutes per week for cleaning.

What beverages can the Krups Evidence One prepare?

  • Espresso
  • Coffee
  • Americano
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Caffè Latte
  • Doppio
  • Ristretto

Individual parts of the Krups EA895N

Milk system – many options

We start with a highlight, the milk system. The Krups Evidence One comes with a stainless steel milk tube. You can then connect it to the bean to cup coffee machine in one easy step.

Krups Evidence One milk system milk tube connector

Stainless steel milk tube – connect with one click

Simply dip the stainless steel tube into a milk carton and prepare your cappuccino and other beverages.

Krups Evidence One milk system with milk carton

Can be used with milk carton

Alternatively, you can use a milk container if you wish. We used the milk container of the Siemens EQ.6 plus s700. This works wonderfully. So you are very flexible here.

Krups Evidence One milk system with milk tank

Use with milk container

As you can see here, there are two coffee and two milk spouts. You can therefore also prepare milk foam drinks in the double cup option. This is already an exception in the mid-range.

Krups EA895N coffee spouts double cup option cappuccino

Double cup option for milk foam drinks

You can adjust the height of the milk and coffee spouts from 7 to 15 cm. Ideal for extra large latte macchiato glasses.

Krups EA895N coffee spouts large glasses

Large latte macchiato glasses no problem

By the way, you can completely disassemble the milk spout, but we’ll take a closer look at that later when we clean it.

Krups EA895N bean hopper

The bean compartment is at the top centered under this lid. It is firmly connected to the bean to cup coffee machine and can be easily opened. As you can see, the lid is a bit darkened.

It is also sealed airtight by a circumferential rubber. That’s smart, because air and light will gradually remove the flavor from your beans.

Krups Evidence One bean hopper

Airtight and darkened – ideal for the aroma of the beans

A total of 250 grams of beans fit in the compartment, enough for about 25 drinks

Krups Evidence One bean hopper

250 grams of beans for about 25 drinks

By the way, there is no compartment for ground coffee here. So you can only use whole coffee beans. But they taste much better than already ground coffee anyway.

Grinder of the Krups Evidence One

Directly in the bean compartment you will also find the control for the grinder setting. There are 5 levels shown, but there is still one intermediate level each. So there are 9 levels in total.

Krups EA895N grinder regulator

5 levels + one intermediate level each = 9 levels

The closer you get towards level 1, the finer the beans will be ground. For espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato, grinder setting level 2 is a good choice. For normal coffee, the somewhat coarser level 3 is ideal.

Since we want to prepare espresso and coffee right away, we select the golden mean with level 2.5.

Krups EA895N grinder adjustment

Simply turn in desired direction during grinding process

By the way, a conical burr grinder made of stainless steel is installed here. Compared to ceramic, stainless steel is still a bit more robust. Nevertheless, it is best to adjust the grinder setting during the grinding process, because then nothing jams and the grinder is protected.

Water tank

The water tank of the Krups Evidence One is located at the back of the bean to cup coffee machine. You can easily lift it using the integrated handle and then turn it to the left or right to bring it to the front.

Krups Evidence One water tank removal

Lift slightly and then bring forward to the right or to the left

If you want to place the bean to cup coffee machine under a wall cabinet, you should measure the distance between the cabinet and the countertop beforehand. A good 50 cm is enough to reach the water tank.

Krups Evidence One water tank height

You need a good 50 cm space under wall cabinets

Here you can see the connection for a water filter and the first filter is also included. With a filter, you need to descale less often, but the bean to cup coffee machine of course also works without a filter.

Krups Evidence One water tank filter

First water filter is included = less frequent descaling

The tank holds an impressive 2.3 liters , which you can use to prepare around 20 drinks. It’s best to fill it up with fresh, cold water under the tap every morning.

Display of the Krups Evidence One

Use the large button at the top left to switch on the bean to cup coffee machine. After a minute or so, you can prepare your first drink. Before this, a short rinsing process is carried out.

The touch display is slightly slanted so that you can also read it well from above. You can prepare the most popular drinks using the colored icons, with just the push of a button. Here you have espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato and caffe latte. Under “More” you will find more drinks (Ristretto, Doppio, Americano, milk foam and tea).

Krups Evidence One Beverages More

The gear wheel takes you to the main menu. You can navigate with the arrow keys on the right side. You can activate the double cup option via the 2 cups icon. Use the Aroma button to set the coffee strength. Via the heart on the right side you can save the drinks as favorites. How this works and what else you can set we explain in the section

Overall, the display is very clear and limited to the essentials. All keys respond flawlessly and the small screen always has instructions in plain text. We find this extremely useful, especially in the cleaning programs.

Housing – particularly compact

Of course, such a cheap bean to cup coffee machine is mainly made of plastic. However, it is well manufactured and also looks high-quality due to the matte black look.

Krups EA895N housing matte black plastic

Matt black plastic, good workmanship

By the way, the Krups Evidence One is very compact und stands on an area of just 30×25 cm. Ideal for small kitchens. The drip tray at the front is not a load-bearing element and does not rest. Therefore it can also protrude a little if there is little space on the countertop.

Krups EA895N housing small footprint

Thus, the footprint is just 30×25 cm

But a special highlight lies inside, because the brewing unit is made entirely of metal. According to the manufacturer, this ensures the optimum temperature during preparation. Whether the drinks are hot enough, we will of course check for you.

Overall, the quality is definitely convincing for a mid-range device.


With the Krups EA895N Evidence One you can prepare 8 different drinks:

Krups Evidence One drinks


Using the bean icon, we set the aroma to the desired level and then select the espresso.

The Krups EA895N also starts preparing directly. During the reference you can still adjust the filling quantity. In 10 ml increments from 30 to 70 ml. In total, the preparation takes about 40 seconds.

Krups Evidence One Espresso Cover

The espresso is ready in 40 seconds

We measure 67°C on medium levels here, exactly the desired temperature. As announced by Krups, the metal brewing unit thus provides the optimal temperature.

Krups Evidence One Espresso Temperature

67°C at medium levels = optimal

The espresso has a fine, light brown crema. It has a decent intensity in flavor and is aromatic. We recommend level 3 (strong) for the aroma. Admittedly not the very best espresso we’ve had so far, but still a pretty good one.

Krups Evidence One Espresso Crema

Fine, light brown crema and good taste


Next, we would like to prepare a large cup of coffee. To do this, we activate the double cup option and select Long Coffee. We set the fill volume to 90 ml so that our 200 ml cup is pretty much full in the double cup option.

Krups Evidence One coffee cover

After the 2nd grinding process begins the 2nd reference

With the double cup option, your cup of coffee is prepared with two coffee pucks, making it much more aromatic. The first 100 ml of each coffee puck always have the most intense flavor. Therefore, we prefer to prepare 2×90 ml instead of 1×180 ml. The longer a puck is extracted, the more bitter the coffee becomes. Just try it out and see for yourself.

We measured an average of just under 74 decibels during the grinding process. This makes the Krups a bit louder than other mid-range models. On medium levels, we measured a temperature of 73°C. Definitely hot enough.

Krups Evidence One coffee temperature

73°C at medium level

The coffee has a dense, light brown crema. Through the two pucks, not only the crema is again stronger, but also the coffee is very intense. A real pick-me-up. The hazelnut aroma of our beans can be clearly tasted and therefore the coffee is overall a round thing.

Krups Evidence One Coffee Crema

Beautiful crema, intense flavor – a stimulant


A super alternative to the classic coffee is the Americano – an espresso extended with hot water.

For the Americano, not all the water is pressed through the coffee puck, but first an espresso and then hot water is prepared. The Krups Evidence One even automatically uses two coffee pucks for the Americano.

Krups Evidence One Americano

First espresso, then hot water (see picture)

Due to the particularly short extraction of the pucks, hardly any bitter substances end up in the cup. This makes the Americano very aromatic and at the same time not heavy on the stomach.


Now we come to the milk foam drinks and start with a cappuccino. We set the aroma and temperature to the medium levels and start the process. Then the bean to cup coffee machine heats up again briefly so that the milk foam is hot enough.

By the way, the amount of milk foam is set in seconds. During the cover you can change it with a few clicks to fit exactly your cup. Since our cup doesn’t get quite full at 25 seconds, we increase by another 5 seconds. Very practical and user-friendly solution.

Krups EA895N Cappuccino Cover

First the milk foam, then the espresso

Then add the espresso and you can adjust the amount if you want. At the end we can save exactly these settings by clicking Favorites.

At over 70°C, this is already a pretty hot cappuccino. By the way, the ideal serving temperature in cafés is 67°C, so that fits.

Krups EA895N cappuccino temperature

With 72°C a pretty hot cappuccino

The milk foam looks really good. Very fine, even and slightly creamy. Impressive for a mid-range bean to cup coffee machine. The espresso flavors could come through minimally stronger but still a really good cappuccino.

Krups EA895N Cappuccino Milk Foam Check

Surprisingly fine and creamy milk foam

Latte Macchiato

Let’s move on to the second milk foam classic, the latte macchiato. Again, we set the aroma to medium and start the preparation.

As with the cappuccino, you can adjust the amount of milk foam during the brewing process. Again, we adjust it so that there is just enough room for the espresso. After brewing, we measure the temperature directly.

Krups EA895N Latte Macchiato

Slowly the 3 typical layers are formed

Precision landing: At 63°C, the latte macchiato reaches exactly the desired temperature in our test. Due to the higher milk content, it is not quite as hot as the cappuccino. This is because the milk foam should be heated around 60-65 °C to have a nice creamy consistency.

Krups EA895N latte macchiato temperature

At 63°C it has the desired temperature

The milk foam is again really fine and creamy. Really a super result for the mid-range.

Krups EA895N Latte Macchiato milk foam

Very good milk foam, creamy & fine

We only taste the espresso lightly, which is ideal for those who like it particularly mild. All in all, a positive surprise. However, it could be a little more intense. It is best to set the aroma to level 3.

Caffè Latte

A good alternative to the latte macchiato is the caffe latte. The espresso-milk ratio remains the same, but this time the espresso is prepared first. This is followed by the milk foam. So it’s exactly the other way around.

Krups Evidence One Caffe Latte Cover

First the espresso, then milk foam

This way, the espresso mixes with the warm milk in the lower part and a shiny brown milk foam cap forms on top. This makes the first sips taste particularly mild. In the lower part with the espresso, the taste is then more intense. Just try out what tastes better to you.


Set coffee strength

Use the Aroma button to set the coffee strength. A total of 3 levels are available, from mild to strong . The respective level is indicated on the screen by coffee beans.

The higher the level, the more coffee powder the bean to cup coffee machine uses. Here we would have liked a few more levels to simply be able to vary even more in taste.

Krups Evidence One Aroma customize

the coffee strength is adjusted in 3 levels via the aroma button

Activate double cup option

You activate the double cup option via the 2 cups symbol . All beverage icons for which the double cup option is possible will then light up. This is the case with espresso, coffee and all milk foam beverages. Unfortunately, you will have to do without this function only for the Americano. In the double cup option, the bean to cup coffee machine always uses 2 coffee pucks.

Krups Evidence One activate double cup option

Activate the double cup option by clicking on the 2 cups icon.

Adjust beverage quantity

With the Krups Evidence One, you do not set the beverage quantity in advance (as we know from the Philips LatteGo, for example). Here you adjust the amount of espresso or coffee only during preparation. In 5- or 10-milliliter increments, depending on the beverage.

Krups Evidence One drink quantity espresso

you can adjust the beverage quantity during preparation

For cappuccino & co. you can also set the amount of milk foam. This is specified in seconds – this refers to the duration of milk frothing.

If it is foreseeable that your glass will not be completely full, you can increase the amount of milk foam again. This has the advantage that you can adjust the drinks exactly to your cup. This is very practical and user-friendly.

Krups Evidence One drink quantity Cappuccino_1

the amount of milk foam can be adjusted during preparation

Krups Evidence One drink quantity Cappuccino_2

as well as the espresso quantity

Create favorites

After preparation, you can save each drink (with your settings) as a favorite by tapping the favorites button (heart icon).

Krups Evidence One drink quantity Cappuccino_3

the cappuccino was saved as a favorite

You can use the same button to call up your favorites later. Note: Only the beverage icons that you have previously saved as favorites will light up (Favorites menu). By tapping on a drink, the favorite is prepared. During preparation, you can make changes again and save as a favorite if necessary. This will cause the old settings to be saved over.

Krups Evidence One Favorites

your favorites are displayed via the “heart button

By the way, you can also set whether the normal Krups menu or your favorites menu should be displayed after switching on. This way you can prepare your favorite drinks even faster. You can make this setting via the cogwheel in the main menu.

Set temperature

You can set the brewing temperature for coffee and espresso in the main menu (gearwheel). Here you have a total of 3 temperature levels to choose from. We prepared all drinks at medium levels and were satisfied throughout.

Krups EA895N Set temperature

Enable auto power on

If you activate the auto switch-on, the bean to cup coffee machine switches itself on at a certain time. Here you can even distinguish between weekdays and weekends. So you can prepare a drink directly when you come to the kitchen. Very convenient for those who are in a hurry in the morning.

Krups EA895N Power On Program

here you can set when the device should switch on

Krups Switch On WE Working Day

Auto switch on weekdays

Cleaning Krups Evidence One

Thorough cleaning is crucial for aromatic coffee and fine milk foam. The most important points here include the milk system, the brewing unit and the two collection trays. Overall, cleaning the Krups Evidence One is really extremely easy. You can plan about 15 minutes per week for this.

You should also descale the bean to cup coffee machine every 1-3 months. It depends on the water hardness and whether you use a water filter. The program for descaling takes only 20 minutes and the effective effort is even only about 5 minutes.

Care products for Krups bean to cup coffee machines:

519UcA71UML. AC SL1500 - Coffee Tasters

Krups water filter

616y8S1gKIL. AC SL1500 - Coffee Tasters

Alternative water filter

71jaR817JGL. AC SL1200 - Coffee Tasters

Krups descaler

61WU7J5l1pS. AC SL1500 - Coffee Tasters

Alternative descaler

71VUnLmUSjS. AC SL1500 - Coffee Tasters

Krups cleaning kit

Milk system rinsing

After you have prepared a beverage with milk foam, the bean to cup coffee machine reminds you to briefly rinse the milk system. To do this, you should first pull off the milk tube. Then it is best to put another empty cup and start cleaning with hot water.

According to the instructions, you should rinse the milk tube and connection once a day. We also recommend that you clean the milk adapter at the same time. This will ensure that everything is perfectly clean and that you get good milk foam for a long time. Whether the parts are dishwasher safe is not in the instructions. At 40°C in eco mode, nothing happened on our system. But cleaning by hand is also very fast.

Krups EA895N cleaning milk adapter

Rinse milk tube & milk adapter daily

Milk system cleaning

Also, according to the instructions, you should start the thorough milk system cleaning every 2 weeks . It only takes 5 minutes. To do this, dissolve a special Krups cleaning agent in 250 ml of water or alternatively use some washing-up liquid.

Then place a large bowl underneath, insert the milk tube into the detergent and start the program. Now thoroughly clean the milk system with hot water. Almost everything is automatic and the effort is very low.

Krups Evidence One cleaning milk duration

thorough milk system cleaning every 2 weeks

Krups Evidence One milk system cleaning

Overall, cleaning the milk system is done in about 10 minutes per week.

Empty drip tray & coffee grounds container

When the drip tray and coffee grounds tray are full, a message appears in the display. Then you can simply pull out the drip tray to the front and pour away the rinsing water.

Krups Evidence One Empty container

Note in the display

The drip tray has an integrated plastic lid that sticks a bit. This could be solved a little better. Nevertheless, the cleaning here is quite fast.

Krups Evidence One cleaning drip tray

Drip tray with water of the rinsing operations

The coffee grounds tray is located on the left side of the bean to cup coffee machine. This is where the coffee pucks end up after each draw.

Krups EA895N Cleaning coffee grounds container

Coffee grounds tray with coffee pucks

As you can see, the coffee pucks are cleanly pressed and relatively dry. So the brewing unit does a good job. It is best to put the pucks in the organic waste.

The drip tray and coffee grounds tray should be rinsed at least every 3 days. Unfortunately, both containers are not allowed in the dishwasher. On 40°C in Eco mode, nothing happened on our system.

Overall, the effort is low and cleaning is done in about 3 minutes per week.

Cleaning & descaling the brewing unit

Since the brewing unit is permanently installed, there is also an automatic cleaning program for it. Simply insert the special Krups cleaning tablet into this opening and start the program in the menu.

Then clean the brewing unit from oil and coffee residues. This is especially recommended when changing the bean type. The program takes about 13 minutes and should be run after just under 400 pulls.

For you, the effort is at most 3 minutes. The brewing unit is a sealed system made entirely of metal and is thoroughly rinsed during cleaning, similar to the inside of a dishwasher, according to Krups.

Krups Evidence One cleaning tablet insertion

Insert cleaning tablet, start program

You can also activate a water filter and set the water hardness in the menu. This is important so that the bean to cup coffee machine reminds you to descale in time.

There is also an automatic program of around 20 minutes for this, with clear instructions in the display. The effort for you is only 3-5 minutes.

Depending on the water hardness, you will need to descale every 1-3 months without a filter. With a water filter, you only need to descale 1-2 times a year. We have you each the original and an alternative from the
descaler and water filter
picked out.

Krups Evidence One water filter included

With water filter you need to descale very rarely

So, almost everything is automatic and the Krups Evidence One also reminds you to run the programs.

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