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Melitta Latte Select F630-201 review

Melitta Latte Select F630-201 bean to cup coffee machine review

Rating: 85 % (very good)

Espresso:90 %
Coffee:94 %
Cappuccino:85 %
Latte Macchiato:82 %
Handling:85 %
Settings:92 %
Quality:79 %
Cleaning:83 %

Data sheet

Brand:Melitta bean to cup coffee machine
Model:Latte Select F630-201
Milk system:fully automatic
Drinks:Espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, americano, lungo, caffe latte, latte, flat white and much more.
Brewing unit:removable
Grinder:conical burr grinder
Grinder setting:5 levels
Coffee strength:4 levels
Bean compartment:270 g (2 x 135 g)
Water tank:1,8 l
Coffee spouts height:9-14 cm

Conclusion on the Melitta Latte Select

Trailing behind the competition

The Melitta Latte Select F630-201 prepares 12 drinks at the touch of a button. Espresso and coffee were particularly convincing in our test. On the other hand, there is “room for improvement” when it comes to beverages with milk foam.

We positively noticed the many different settings and the fairly silent grinder. The Latte Select also scores with its ease of use, although the display could be more intuitive. In some places, the bean to cup coffee machine doesn’t seem quite well thought out. For latte macchiato , for example, a maximum of 200 ml of milk foam can be prepared.

In relation to the price asked, the device cannot keep up with the competition. Other bean to cup coffee machines in our test offer better value for money.


has reviewed 22 bean to cup coffee machines


  • very good espresso & coffee
  • precise settings in 5 ml steps
  • clever milk system cleaning
  • two bean compartments (one grinder)
  • Double cup option for almost all beverages
  • Up to 6 individual profiles
  • relatively silent grinder


  • not very intuitive display
  • quite small collection trays
  • a lot of plastic

Melitta Latte Select video


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Summary Melitta Latte Select (F630-201)

How good are the Latte Select drinks?

The Melitta Latte Select is particularly convincing when it comes to espresso and cappuccino. With the ideal settings, the espresso becomes intensely aromatic and has a dense crema.

The milk foam is partly creamy fine and partly rather airy. The results are not really consistent, which naturally leads to deductions in our bean to cup coffee machine test. We really like the fact that the cappuccino is prepared according to the original recipe: espresso first and milk foam second. Many other bean to cup coffee machines do it the other way around. Thus, the Latte Select definitely collects plus points.

Properly adjusted, the coffee is strong and intense with few bitter substances. With the Americano, latte, long black and lungo, you also have many other coffee variants to choose from.

Melitta Latte Select Test Drinks

Coffee and espresso were quite hot in the test with 75°C and 71°C, respectively. The first drink with milk foam is not always hot enough. Our cappuccino only measured 65°C (target: 67°C). On the other hand, the subsequent latte macchiato was considerably hotter at 68°C.

Our video is the best way to see how good the drinks are. We also explain how we adjusted the bean to cup coffee machine. In the Drinks section you can read everything up.

How easy is it to use?

With the Melitta Latte Select you have a fully automatic milk system with which you can prepare all drinks at the touch of a button. The milk container is a decent size with a capacity of 1 liter to prepare up to 10 drinks. Thanks to its lid you can easily store it in the refrigerator.

The water tank (1.8 liters) is located a bit further back on the left side. This is, in comparison with other bean to cup coffee machines in our test, somewhat cumbersome. For different coffee roasts you even have 2 bean compartments (135 g each). You can switch back and forth between the two compartments via a lever. You can adjust the height of the coffee and milk spout together from 9 to 14 cm . The outlet is a bit high for small espresso cups. Large latte macchiato glasses fit very well underneath.

Melitta Latte Select test handling

The bean to cup coffee machine is ready for use after 47 seconds (average) and is relatively quick at preparing drinks. It takes 60 seconds for a coffee and 97 seconds for a cappuccino.

You operate the device using a large dial and touch buttons. There is a small screen in the middle that displays the menu. The text could be a little bigger. Furthermore, the menu navigation is a bit circumstantial and the touch icons do not always react reliably.

The display could also be slightly slanted so that you can read it well from above. Our video is the best way to get an impression of the Melitta Latte Select.

What settings can I adjust?

You can adjust the coffee strength in 4 levels via the display. The grinder setting control is located on the back of the bean to cup coffee machine. You can adjust the grinder in 5 levels. You also have 2 bean compartments for a lighter and darker roast, for example. Alternatively, you can use ground coffee powder.

You have a lot of levels for the beverage quantity. Set the amount of coffee in 5 ml increments (25 – 220 ml). For cappuccino and similar drinks, you can adjust the amount of milk foam in 5 ml steps (25 – 220 ml). This means that you are also flexible when it comes to the coffee-milk ratio. Here you have many options to customize the drinks to your taste. Nevertheless, there is one drawback: a maximum of 220 ml of milk foam is a bit tight for a large latte macchiato.

The settings you have made are saved for each drink. Once you start the draw, you can adjust the beverage quantity again if needed. For beverages with milk foam (e.g. cappuccino), the coffee-milk ratio gets maintained. This simplifies the adjustment enormously.

Melitta Latte Select Test Settings

You can save your settings in up to 6 profiles. This is convenient when each household member has different taste preferences. However, only the classics (espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato) can be saved here. For this you can give your profile a name. There is no app control available.

You can adjust the brewing temperature for each drink individually in 3 levels. You cannot change the temperature of the milk foam.

The double cup option is available for espresso, coffee and all milk foam drinks. Then 2 cups are prepared at the same time. You do not have a double cup option for drinks that are extended with hot water (e.g. Americano).

All in all, the Latte Select offers you a lot of possibilities to adapt the drinks to your individual taste. Those who like to experiment a lot will not be disappointed. In the Settings section we will tell how to customise everything to your liking.

How good is the quality?

The Melitta Latte Select F630-201 is made of plastic. All parts fit together well and nothing jams. The stainless steel drip tray is a real brainchild. In the middle it has a grid made of plastic to avoid scratches.

We really like the robust milk container, which can be sealed airtight. The coffee and milk spout is also very stable.

The conical burr grinder made of hardened steel has an average noise level of only 63 decibels and is among the quietest bean to cup coffee machines in our test.. We measured 67.6 decibels for the milk system. A good value that is enough for a place in the midfield.

Melitta Latte Select Test Quality

The brewing unit does a good job, as the coffee pucks are cleanly pressed and relatively dry. There are a few small deductions for the colored touch buttons, because they do not always react flawlessly with wet fingers.

The overall impression is definitely good and the Melitta Latte Select runs reliably.

How easy is it to clean the Dinamica Plus?

After use the milk system can be cleaned with hot steam at the touch of a button. A fast and very effective program. There is also a thorough program with milk system cleaner.

You can also remove the milk spout and clean it by hand. The milk container must be cleaned every 2-3 days. Overall, this part of the cleaning is very well solved.

The containers for coffee pucks and rinsing water are in comparison, e.g. with the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus, somewhat small. They are only enough for about 10 drinks. Unfortunately, we do not find any information whether they can also be put in the dishwasher. But they are easy to clean by hand, because there are no hidden corners.

You can remove the brewing unit in just a few steps and should clean it once a week. We found a little less coffee residue than usual. The brewing unit is quite large and has a few corners that are best cleaned with a cleaning brush. There is also a program for degreasing the brewing chamber.

Melitta Latte Select Test Cleaning

Descaling is necessary approximately every 1-2 months, depending on the water hardness. With a water filter, you only need to descale once a year.

Overall the cleaning is simple and takes only about 20 minutes per week. If some more parts were allowed in the dishwasher, it would be perfect.

What drinks can the Melitta Latte Select prepare?

  • Espresso
  • Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Ristretto
  • Americano
  • Lungo
  • Long Black
  • Espresso Macchiato
  • Caffe latte
  • Latte
  • Flat White

Individual parts of the Melitta Latte Select

The Melitta Latte Select is 25 cm wide and 34 cm high. You have to allow an extra 10 cm on the right side for the milk container. The housing is made mainly of plastic and complemented by a stainless steel cup tray. The bean to cup coffee machine looks high-quality to us – especially due to the colored display. But now let’s get into the details.

Milk system

The Melitta Latte Select has a fully automatic milk system. With it, you can prepare all your drinks at the touch of a button, even in the double cup option. You can also prepare two drinks with milk, e.g. cappuccino, at the same time. Only a few bean to cup coffee machines can do that.

So that you don’t have to constantly refill milk, an over 1 liter and airtight milk container is included. Thus, the container is ideal for families or small offices.

Melitta Latte Select milk containerLarge, airtight milk container with over 1 liter volume

You can connect the milk container to the bean to cup coffee machine via a hose. After drawing, you pull the milk tube off the container and can then simply place it in the door of your refrigerator.

Connecting the Melitta Latte Select milk tubeMilk container and bean to cup coffee machine are connected by hose

Then insert the milk tube into the cup tray so that nothing drips onto the work surface. This is a clever detail and becomes even more important later during cleaning.

Melitta Latte Select Clean milk tubeMilk tube is inserted into the cup tray for cleaning

With an average of about 67 decibels, the milk system of the Melitta Latte Select is not particularly loud. We really like the fact that you can flexibly adjust the amount of milk foam. You don’t just have a few levels to choose from. But more about that later.

One drawback, e.g. compared to the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus, is the milk system. You cannot adjust the consistency of the milk foam. You cannot influence whether the milk foam will be creamy or more liquid.

Bean compartment

The bean compartment of the Melitta Latte Select has a special feature to offer – it is divided into 2 compartments for 135 grams of beans each. So together 270 grams of beans. You can switch between the two compartments with a switch. However, it always takes a reference until the new beans are used. Because there is only one grinder and in it are still about 10 grams of “old” beans after switching.

Melitta Latte Select bean compartmentSwitch between bean compartments by switch

You will find the two bean compartments at the back right of the bean to cup coffee machine. They are darkened and have a circumferential rubber seal on the lid to protect the aroma of the beans.

Melitta Latte Select bean compartment lidAirtight and darkened lid – good for the aroma of the beans

Overall, the quality makes a good impression on us. When the beans are empty, a message appears on the display and the draw is stopped automatically. Alternatively, you can also use already ground coffee powder via the coffee powder compartment.

Melitta Latte Select ground coffee powderCompartment for ground coffee

Grinder Melitta Latte Select

A conical burr grinder made of hardened steel is used. You can set the grinder setting, i.e. how finely the coffee powder is ground, in 5 levels. The control for this can be found on the back of the bean to cup coffee machine. In other bean to cup coffee machines, the regulator is usually located in the bean compartment and is therefore much easier to reach.

Melitta Latte Select grinder adjustmentGrinder setting on the back of the bean to cup coffee machine – a little hard to reach

TIP: Please adjust the grinder setting only during the grinding process and only by one level at a time. This is important so that the grinder does not get jammed and damaged.

Level 3 of 5 is set ex works. According to Melitta, this level is ideal and should not be changed for the first 100 pulls. We recommend level 2, i.e. a slightly finer grinder setting.

This is because it is more difficult to press hot water through fine coffee powder. This is the only way to create sufficient pressure in the brewing chamber. This high pressure ensures better extraction of the coffee powder and an aromatic espresso. This is important because espresso is the basis of almost all beverages, including cappuccino and latte macchiato, for example.

Melitta Latte Select finest grinder settingOn level 2 of 5, the coffee powder is finely ground – good

The Melitta Latte Select has one of the quietest grinders in our test. We measured an average of only 63.2 decibels. So your conversation won’t be interrupted when you take a quick espresso. Other bean to cup coffee machines are almost 10 decibels louder.

Water tank

You can reach the water tank via the left side of the bean to cup coffee machine. It is easily accessible, but you will need a little space. This is because it is lifted slightly via an integrated handle and then brought forward sideways.

Melitta Latte Select bean to cup coffee machine Remove water tankLift the water tank and remove it from the side – some space on the left required

The large opening makes it easy to fill the tank under the tap. The tank holds 1.8 liters with which you can prepare about 12-15 drinks. As soon as you need to refill, a message appears in the display.

Melitta Latte Select bean to cup coffee machine water tank fillingLarge opening and 1.8 liters volume

At the bottom of the tank you will also find the connection for a water filter. The first filter is included. If you always use a filter, you only need to descale once a year. However, the Melitta Latte Select also works without a filter, of course.

Melitta Latte Select bean to cup coffee machine water filterFirst water filter included – descale with filters only 1x per year

The quality of the water tank is very good. The clear plastic is very durable and the handle is sturdy. There is nothing to complain about.

Coffee spout

The coffee and milk spout is adjustable in height from 9 to 14 cm. So even large latte macchiato glasses are no problem here. With small espresso cups, the gap is a bit large and sometimes a drop splashes beside it. A small highlight is the illumination of the cups via two small LEDs.

Melitta Latte Select coffee spouts latte macchiatoIdeal also for large latte macchiato glasses

Since you can also prepare each drink in a double cup option, there are two coffee and two milk spouts. A big advantage is that the lines for coffee and milk are separate. You can easily remove and clean the milk spout, which is very important for hygiene.

Disassemble Melitta Latte Select coffee spoutsRemove and clean the milk spout in just a few steps

Overall, the coffee and milk spout looks sturdy and, above all, well thought-out. On top of the bean to cup coffee machine you will also find a cup heater. Here you can preheat more cups during the reference.

Melitta Latte Select display

Switch on the bean to cup coffee machine using the switch on the left side. When switched on, the unit performs an automatic rinse and preheats. Then you can prepare your first drink.

The most important beverages, such as espresso, coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato, are selected via the direct withdrawal buttons. They are represented by colored pictures.

Melitta Latte Select bean to cup coffee machine display

direct reference keys with colored images

Under “My Recipes” you can find more drinks, like the Flat White, Americano, Long Black, Latte… Press the “2x” button to activate the double cup option. Then the bean to cup coffee machine prepares two drinks at the same time. Use the coffee bean to set the coffee strength.

Melitta Latte Select Display

more drinks you can find under My Recipes

Melitta Latte Select Display Recipes

More drinks

You can also select different profiles under “My Recipes”. This is convenient when everyone likes to drink their coffee differently. How to create profiles is explained in detail in the
item Settings

You can enter the main menu by pressing the rotary switch for 2 seconds. You navigate through the menu by turning the rotary switch. Here you can, among other things, reprogram beverages, create profiles and Start cleaning programs.

Melitta Latte Select Rotary Switch

Rotary dial to navigate

Overall, the bean to cup coffee machine can be operated intuitively. Every now and then we needed the guidance. For example, it was not clear to us at first how to get into the menu (press the rotary switch for 2 seconds) or how to create profiles. All keys are clear and have a good size. However, we had to get used to the display a bit first. The buttons respond best when we press them very gently.


With the Melitta Latte Select you can prepare 12 different drinks. Of course, the 4 classics are included – espresso, coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato. We’ll introduce you to them in more detail, including a few recommendations for the settings.

You can also prepare Ristretto (extra strong), Americano (coffee alternative), Lungo, Long Black, Espresso Macchiato, Caffe Latte, Latte and Flat White.

As always, we use the same coffee beans and an organic UHT milk with 3.8% fat. Since we have two bean compartments here, we put a slightly milder bean for coffee in the second compartment.


A really good espresso has a hazelnut-brown crema and is full-bodied and strong in taste. We will now show you how to make the best espresso possible with the Melitta Latte Select.

We set the grinder setting to level 2 of 5 (quite fine). For the beverage quantity we choose 40 ml and for the aroma to the highest levels. We set the brewing temperature to “high” or 95°C. You can also program all of this once in the menu – then in the future you will only need to press one button. For those who like it extra strong, we recommend a beverage quantity of 30 ml.

Preparation takes just under 50 seconds, including the grinding process. At the temperature we have
measured. The espresso will be even hotter if you prepare some hot water beforehand and preheat the system with it.

Prepare Melitta Latte Select EspressoStrong, hazelnut brown espresso

How good is the espresso?

Espresso from Melitta Latte Select has a dense, fine and brown crema. Our testers rated the taste as good to very good. It is intense, full-bodied and has no bitter note. We like the consistency as well. Perfect for purists, but also a good base for cappuccino & co.

Melitta Latte Select Espresso CremaFine, dense crema and good in taste and intensity


A classic coffee from the bean to cup coffee machine is a topic in itself. Because of the very long extraction compared to espresso, the coffee often becomes quite bitter. Let’s see if the Melitta Latte Select can do that better.

If you drink coffee regularly, we recommend grinder setting 3 out of 5, i.e. medium fine. The coffee strength is of course a matter of taste – we choose “strong”. For the beverage quantity we set 100 ml and activate the double cup option.

TIP: Better than a long cover with 200 ml is a double cup option with 2×100 ml. Then 2 coffee pucks are used and extracted for a shorter time each. This reduces the bitter substances. So you can make yourself a great cup of coffee.

Prepare Melitta Latte Select coffeeDouble cup option for better taste – 2x100ml instead of 1x200ml = less bitterness

How does the Cafe Creme taste?

The coffee is nice and strong and intense. Because we activated the double cup option and two coffee pucks were used for our cup. At 75°C, the coffee is definitely hot enough, too, and that’s at “normal” levels for brewing temperature.

The crema is fine and uniform. Some bitterness can be tasted, but this coffee is still one of the best from our test. However, our testers rated the Americano – an espresso extended with hot water – even better.

Melitta Latte Select Kaffee Temperatur - Coffee TastersDense crema and hot enough – the Cafe Creme

By the way, for one cup of 120 ml, the bean to cup coffee machine needs 1 minute, and for two cups, pretty much 2 minutes. You can set a maximum of 220 ml per cup, which would be 440 ml in the double cup option.


As with almost all bean to cup coffee machines, our testers liked the Americano better than the regular coffee. Because it comes closer to the classic filter coffee in terms of taste. An espresso is extended with twice the amount of hot water. The extraction is then shorter and fewer bitter substances are dissolved.

For our cup, we set the espresso to 50 ml and the water to 100 ml. Set the coffee strength to “strong” so that it is nice and intense. Set the grinder setting to level 2 as for espresso and the temperature to “high”.

More aroma, less bitterness and a fuller flavor. The ideal substitute for the classic coffee. The temperature is 78°C. Only in terms of appearance, the Americano can’t quite keep up with the coffee – the crema is a bit thinner. But this is normal and does not change the very good taste.

Melitta Latte Select AmericanoThinner crema but better aroma than the Cafe Creme

milk foam

As always, we use organic UHT milk with 3.8% fat, because then the milk foam becomes nice and creamy. Vegetable alternatives or less fatty milk will of course do, but this milk gives the best result.

The milk foam quantity can be set very precisely in 5 ml steps on the Melitta Latte Select. Only a few bean to cup coffee machines offer this much flexibility. However, you cannot influence the consistency or temperature of the foam. Let’s see how good the milk foam turns out.


When it comes to cappuccino, Melitta Latte Select has a surprise for you – preparation according to the original recipe. That is, first the espresso and then the milk foam. Almost all bean to cup coffee machines do it the other way around. The reason? It looks a little nicer.

According to the original recipe, the milk foam is a bit brownish as it mixes with the espresso that is already in the cup. In other bean to cup coffee machines, the milk foam hood is bright white with the two typical dots through which the espresso runs.

We set the aroma to “strong” so that the cappuccino gets intense espresso notes and the temperature to “high”. We leave the grinder setting at level 2 of 5, which is pretty fine. You can set and save the amount of espresso and milk foam in 5 ml increments according to your preferences.

The preparation takes about 1:45 minutes, depending on the cup size. Immediately after drawing, we measure a temperature of 65 °C. In gastronomy, cappuccino should be served at 67°C, so close.

Melitta Latte Select Cappuccino order first espressoFirst prepare the espresso – original preparation

Melitta Latte Select Cappuccino order milk foamThe milk foam is then prepared

As expected, the milk foam is slightly brownish. The consistency is nice and creamy and the foam also passes our spoon test. A few coarser bubbles can be seen, however. The cappuccino is flavorful – the espresso flavors come through and are not overpowered by the milk. However, a bit is missing for the top score.

Melitta Latte Select Cappuccino creamy milk foamCreamy, light brown foam with individual larger bubbles

Latte Macchiato

Now comes the milk foam classic No. 2 – Latte Macchiato. Here, quite typically, the milk foam is prepared first and then the espresso. The coffee and milk spout of the Melitta Latte Select can be pushed way up – ideal for large glasses.

We set the aroma to “strong” so that we can taste light espresso aromas in addition to milk. Nothing changes in temperature and grinder setting – “high” and “fine”. You can again adjust the espresso and milk foam precisely in 5 ml increments.

For a large glass, the preparation takes no more than 2 minutes. We have
– a super temperature for latte macchiato. Most bean to cup coffee machines only manage about 65°C here. So all those who like “hot” milk foam are exactly right here.

Melitta Latte Select in the test

After a short time, the 3 typical layers are clearly visible – milk foam, espresso, milk. We have here a high and fine hood of milk foam. That is exactly how we would like it to be. The foam is creamy and easily passes the spoon test. But here, too, there are individual coarser bubbles. Overall, however, a super result.

Melitta Latte Select Latte Macchiato Spoon TestSpoon test passed – but there were a few coarser puff balls

Melitta Latte Select Latte Macchiato layersTypical latte macchiato – 3 layers of foam, espresso and milk

In terms of taste, the latte macchiato is even a tad better than the cappuccino. The sweetness of the milk comes out and highlights the light espresso flavors. The overall picture is a well-rounded one. Unfortunately, even with the maximum amount of milk, our 300 ml glass does not get quite full.


You can select your beverage either via the reference button or under “My Recipes“. The vending machine immediately begins preparation. If you want, you can still adjust the coffee strength via the beans button. You can also change the beverage quantity via the rotary switch.

Melitta Latte Select display adjust quantity

Once you have selected a drink you can still adjust the amount & coffee strength

Both settings apply only to the current preparation. If you want to customize a drink permanently, you can set it in the menu exactly as you want.

Customize drinks

You can reprogram the drinks in the main menu. Under “Reference keys” are all the beverages of the direct selection keys. Under “Recipes” you will find all other drinks that are created under “My Recipes”. In our opinion, this separation is a bit cumbersome.

Melitta Latte Select Display Main Menu

Main menu

We select the cappuccino under the reference key. As you can see, you can make the following settings: Coffee strength, amount of coffee, foam and temperature.

Melitta Latte Select display drink programming

Reprogram cappuccino

Adjust coffee strength:

You can set the coffee strength in 4 levels (mild, normal, strong, very strong). As already mentioned, you can also adjust the coffee strength during preparation. This is quite handy if you ever need a stronger coffee 😉 Simply press the coffee beans button again during the grinding process.

Adjust the amount of coffee:

For each drink, you can set the amount of coffee from 25 ml – 220 ml (in 5 ml levels).

Adjust milk foam quantity:

For all drinks with milk foam, you can also set the amount of foam (in 5 ml levels). Again, you have a range of 25 ml – 220 ml. Our test showed that a large latte macchiato glass does not get completely full even at 220 ml.

Melitta Latte Select display foam quantity

Set milk foam quantity


You can set the temperature for each individual drink in 3 levels (low, normal, high). Other bean to cup coffee machines often only allow for a general temperature setting and not for individual beverages. This is very well solved here.

Melitta Latte Select Display Temperature

Set temperature in 3 levels

Double cup option

Press the “2x” button to activate the double cup option. As soon as you select a drink, two cups are prepared at the same time. This also works for drinks with milk foam. Bean to cup coffee machines in this price segment can usually only do this with coffee or espresso. For households with several milk foam fans, this is a great advantage.

The double cup option is only not possible for beverages that are extended with hot water (e.g. Americano). Because the device has only one outlet for hot water.

Set grinder setting & bean type

A special feature of the Melitta Latte Select is the two bean compartments. This allows you to switch between a lighter and darker roast, for example – perfect for coffee and espresso. To select a bean compartment, flip the switch to the right or left. But don’t forget: it takes a reference until the new bean variety “arrives” in your drink. The reason for this is that there are still some “old” beans in the grinder.

Constantly switching back and forth between two types of beans is therefore not optimally possible. Still, it’s nice that the Latte Select offers this option at all. A (more expensive) alternative are bean to cup coffee machines with 2 grinders.

The control for the grinder is located on the back of the bean to cup coffee machine. This is a bit awkward, because you should only adjust the grinder during the grinding process so that nothing jams. A regulator directly in the bean compartment would be better. You can adjust the grinder in 5 levels. Selects a level at which it flows evenly from the coffee spouts. If it only drips, you should set the grinder setting one level coarser.

Create profiles

Individual profiles are convenient so that everyone in the family can set their drinks exactly as desired. Under your personal profile, you can set the coffee strength, amount of coffee and milk, and temperature for each drink. You can create up to 6 profiles and label them with your name.

Melitta Latte Select Display Create Profile

up to 6 profiles are possible

All programmable drinks are listed in your profile. You can program espresso, café crema, cappuccino, latte macchiato and milk foam. All other beverages, such as Americano and Flat White, can only be programmed once and not for each profile. Anyway, we didn’t find a way – not even in the manual.

Melitta Latte Select Display My Coffee

programmable drinks of your profile

To use a profile you have to set it to “active”. If you want to prepare a drink, press the “My Recipes” button until your name appears. Then select the beverage using the corresponding purchase button. The vending machine immediately begins preparation. As always, you can quickly adjust the coffee strength and beverage quantity.

Melitta Latte Select Display Profile

Profile activated by pressing “My Recipes

By the way: You can also set profiles to inactive again, then it will no longer appear under “My Recipes”.

Cleaning the Melitta Latte Select

If you want long-lasting delicious espresso and milk foam, you should clean it regularly. We took a particularly close look at cleaning the milk system, brewing unit and collection trays.

Overall, cleaning the Melitta Latte Select is easy and takes about 20 minutes per week.

In addition, you should descale the bean to cup coffee machine approximately every 1-3 months. The program lasts about 25 minutes and the effective effort for you is 5-10 minutes. We have the
suitable care products

Care products for Melitta bean to cup coffee machines:

51LLYi4wP0L. AC - Coffee Tasters

Melitta water filter

61n2drew+6L. AC SL1500 - Coffee Tasters

Melitta descaler

711mgKgzaSL. AC SL1200 - Coffee Tasters

Melitta cleaning tablets

81PBbKiL6yL. AC SL1500 - Coffee Tasters

Melitta cleaning set

51MeuooAuTL. AC SL1000 - Coffee Tasters

Melitta milk cleaner

Clean milk system

There are two cleaning programs for the milk system – a quick one using steam (after every draw) and a 3-minute program with milk system cleaner (weekly).

We really like the cleaning via steam. After making a cappuccino, pull the milk tube out of the container and insert it into the drip tray. Then place an empty cup underneath and start the “Easy Cleaning”. Now everything is cleaned with hot water and steam. This works really well. After that, we could not find any milk residue. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Tip: You can hang the milk tube in the cup, then no milk residues get into the drip tray.

Melitta Latte Select cleaning milk system steamMilk system cleans itself with hot steam at the touch of a button

The weekly “big” cleaning program takes only 3 minutes. To do this, fill the container with the
milk system cleaner
and connect it to the bean to cup coffee machine. Then place the coffee grounds tray under the outlet and start cleaning. Finally, the milk tube is inserted into the cup tray and briefly cleaned with hot steam. That’s it. The display always shows exactly what needs to be done.

Melitta Latte Select cleaning milk systemIn the display are in the exact instructions – very simple

As an alternative to this program, you can also clean the milk spout and hose thoroughly by hand with warm water and detergent. Then you do not need to buy the cleaner. We would only put the individual parts in the dishwasher in the less hot Eco mode, since we did not find a clear statement in the instructions. The same applies to the milk container.

Melitta Latte Select cleaning milk system washDisassemble milk spout and clean by hand (1x per week)

Overall, cleaning the milk system is easily solved and done in about 10 minutes per week.

Empty drip tray & coffee grounds container

You must empty the collection trays after 10 drinks. At the 10th coffee puck, a message lights up in the display. We always place a cup underneath for the “rinse water” when turning the bean to cup coffee machine on and off. Otherwise, you will have to empty the trays a little earlier. Some models have more volume so that you have to empty them less often.

You can simply pull out the collection trays to the front. They are easy to clean, because there are hardly any corners. The coffee pucks are well pressed, which definitely speaks for a good work of the brewing unit. Hardly any coffee powder ends up in the drip tray or the interior either.

Melitta Latte Select bowls pull outCollection trays can be removed to the front

Melitta Latte Select coffee puckWell formed coffee pucks = good work of the brewing unit

We would only put the parts in the dishwasher in eco mode again. If the temperature is too high, the plastic could deform. There was no clear indication in the instructions.

Cleaning the trays takes about 3 minutes per week.

brewing unit

The brewing unit is where the magic happens – it’s where your coffee or espresso is made. Therefore, it must be kept clean. You can remove the brewing unit via the flap on the right side using the attached handle. Then rinse under clean, warm water and allow to air dry completely. Please do not use detergent. Otherwise you will loosen the grease on the hinges and something could get stuck.

Melitta Latte Select brewing group removeBrewing unit can be easily removed by handle

Here with the Melitta Latte Select, we found slightly less coffee residue on the brewing unit and in the interior than on average. On the other hand, the brewing unit is quite large and has some corners where you have to look a bit closer. It’s best to use a cleaning brush to catch all the coffee residue. You should remove them at least 1x per week and rinse thoroughly.

Melitta Latte Select cleaning brew groupWe find a few coffee residues on each brewing unit

There is also a 15-minute cleaning program with
special cleaning tablets
which removes coffee grease from the brewing chamber. This is especially useful when changing the bean type. The effort for you is about 3 minutes.

Overall, cleaning the brewing unit is relatively easy and done in about 5 minutes per week.


How often you need to descale depends on two things – water hardness and water filter. A test strip for water hardness is included. We recommend you to perform it and then set the water hardness in the menu. Only then can the Melitta Latte Select tell you when you need to descale. Without a filter, this is the case after about 2 months on average.

If you use a water filter, you only need to descale once a year. That is already a big difference. However, you will have to orderwater filters regularly. There is the variant with
much cheaper, but somewhat worse for the bean to cup coffee machine. Of course, it is better if no lime gets into the pipes in the first place. You have the choice.

The program for descaling takes around 25 minutes and is thus comparatively quick. For you, the effort is even only 5-10 minutes.

Insert water filter – this is how it works. Simply place the filter in water for a few minutes. Then insert it into the tank using the screw-in aid. Now navigate to the menu Maintenance – Filter – Insert filter. It is flushed briefly and that’s it.

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